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New video on borders & migration: “We Are One”

In July 2009, I met a group of French filmmakers from Marseilles at a border wall event at the Centro Cultural de la Raza.  The filmmakers–Romain de l’Ecotais, Maxime Rostan and Guillaume Vidal–had been traveling for weeks through Latin America & Mexico, documenting border walls and migrations in the Americas.  In San Diego, they traversed the border with Enrique Morones of Border Angels, and visited the cemetery for migrants in Holtville and later took a tour down to Friendship Park.

Today they sent me a link to their video, titled We Are One, a King Size Trip Production, with music by Watcha Clan.


Red Lotus Society takes over the Gaslamp on New Year’s Day for "Peace in the Streets"

Mark your calendars for 01.01.11 as Red Lotus Society make Peace In The Streets. They are looking for volunteers (‘Peace Performers’) to meditate, practice yoga, play music, dance, paint..anything in the name of peace and community. Their goal is to fill the corners of 25 city blocks, that’s 100 street corners! Start the New Year with peace!

9am-10am: Light Yoga and Meditation
10am-11am: Registration and Setup
11am-3pm: Peace in the Streets!
3pm-6pm: Volunteer Celebration, Raffle, Live Music

They still need:
Peace Performers – Meditators, Yogis, Artist, Musicians, Poets, Dancers, Runners
Peace Team Leaders – Recruit 3 Peace Performers and take on a whole city block!
Hospitality Leaders – Keep everyone ‘Peaced-Up’! Hand out refreshments to PP’s
Peace Drivers – Help volunteers to/from their location
Volunteer Coordinator – Remain at the Ideal and help with registration/organizing
Ideal Hotel Tour Guides – Give tours to visitors recruited by the volunteers

Contact: peace@redlotussociety for more information.

King David’s Wall by SonicAnta, Tucson

Two Musicians playing the wall, accompanied by U.S. Border Patrol on helicopter

>Hey Paul Krugman

>by Jonathan Mann

A Divided Friendship–Border Field State Park

UCSD Department of Communications video about the history of Border Field State Park, San Diego, California. scenes from June-July 2008.

Yes We Can" Remix Revolution

In case anyone hasn’t seen these yet–there are dozens of great covers and remixes of the now famous Iowa caucus victory speech by Barack Obama on 3 January 2008.

Yes We Can by
No, You Can’t by Lee Stranahan and Alan Bernhoft posted on
No, You Can’t No Se Puede another response

Yes We Can Barackapella
Yes We Can International
Podemos con Obama by illwilly
Barack Obama song (Afro-Latino remix)

¡Viva Obama! Mariachi version por
¡Viva Obama! Chicanos for Obama
¡Viva Obama! Ohio Remix Akron Por Obama
Obama Song Reggaeton
For Obama: “Si Se Puede Cambiar” by Andres Useche

Sing for Obama Grassroots Music Video
Yes We Can Song Folk Hip Hop Remix Michael Campion
“Yes We Can” Anthem
Something About the Man Yes We Can Collaboration by Academy Award nominated composer/lyricist Arthur Hamilton, Latin Grammy winner Kenny O’Brien, and composer/songwriter Alan Ross Fleishman
CNN Obama Rap Song (The Ba Rock Song) Part 1

Yes We Can (Rock You Beat)
Yes We Can with Cinematic Score 1 minute version
Let’s Do It For America Easy Listening Version

>Killing Fucking Rocks!

Wired Magazine is staging a contest to help Blackwater design new motivational posters to help improve its image here in America. Check it out . . .

And just a thought about Blackwater’s training potential. Maybe we should bring them into our public schools to help spice things up a little in the classroom. According to its promo materials, Mercenaries “is dense with explosive content that satisfies on a fundamental level.” While the game guide explains that “war is hell,” PS2 gamemakers go on to note that “luckily, it’s also pretty damn profitable.” Now there’s a solution to our education budget woes.