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King David’s Wall by SonicAnta, Tucson

Two Musicians playing the wall, accompanied by U.S. Border Patrol on helicopter


Yes We Can" Remix Revolution

In case anyone hasn’t seen these yet–there are dozens of great covers and remixes of the now famous Iowa caucus victory speech by Barack Obama on 3 January 2008.

Yes We Can by
No, You Can’t by Lee Stranahan and Alan Bernhoft posted on
No, You Can’t No Se Puede another response

Yes We Can Barackapella
Yes We Can International
Podemos con Obama by illwilly
Barack Obama song (Afro-Latino remix)

¡Viva Obama! Mariachi version por
¡Viva Obama! Chicanos for Obama
¡Viva Obama! Ohio Remix Akron Por Obama
Obama Song Reggaeton
For Obama: “Si Se Puede Cambiar” by Andres Useche

Sing for Obama Grassroots Music Video
Yes We Can Song Folk Hip Hop Remix Michael Campion
“Yes We Can” Anthem
Something About the Man Yes We Can Collaboration by Academy Award nominated composer/lyricist Arthur Hamilton, Latin Grammy winner Kenny O’Brien, and composer/songwriter Alan Ross Fleishman
CNN Obama Rap Song (The Ba Rock Song) Part 1

Yes We Can (Rock You Beat)
Yes We Can with Cinematic Score 1 minute version
Let’s Do It For America Easy Listening Version